Terrazzo Flooring

Let your floors make a statement with the timeless elegance and exceptional durability of terrazzo. Offering a unique composition and versatile design, terrazzo flooring is the perfect choice for both commercial and residential spaces across Melbourne looking to achieve a sophisticated aesthetic that stands the test of time.

Industry leaders with over 25 years of expertise

High quality, sustainable & environmentally friendly materials

Superior service, every step of the way


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Industry leaders with over 25 years of expertise

High quality, sustainable & environmentally friendly materials

Superior service, every step of the way

What is Terrazzo Flooring?

Terrazzo flooring is a beautiful flooring system created by embedding aggregates of stone, glass, granite and marble, among other materials, into a cement or resin base to achieve a unique, artful and highly durable surface.
The process of creating terrazzo flooring involves several steps, all of which occur ‘in-situ’, or on-site by our highly skilled team. First, the cement or resin base mixture is poured directly onto the floor and levelled. Then, small pieces of aggregates (also known as chips) are scattered evenly onto the surface. The chips are typically of different colours, enabling us to create intricate patterns and designs in your floor. We then smooth the surface with heavy grinding machinery which utilises high quality diamonds to remove imperfections and expose the embedded chips. Finally, the floor is polished to expose the visual texture of the aggregates and achieve a stunning, glossy finish.

What are the Advantages of Terrazzo Flooring?

Unique and Customisable

Terrazzo flooring offers designers immense flexibility in colour palette, aggregate sizes, and pattern arrangements to create customised flooring designs that complement a range of architectural styles, interior themes and project types. As it is applied in-situ, there are no grout lines, and the only joints are movement joints that exist in the substrate.
terrazzo flooring
terrazzo flooring
terrazzo floors Melbourne

Durability and Longevity

One of the most significant advantages of terrazzo flooring is its durability. Terrazzo features a strong resin matrix abrasion which is 4 times harder than that of concrete, making it resistant to cracks, stains, and scratches. Terrazzo flooring is therefore an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, such as shopping centres and retail spaces, commercial and industrial buildings, and airports, as it can withstand heavy foot traffic and still maintain its lustrous appearance for decades.
terrazzo floors Melbourne

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

As it is completely odourless to install, our terrazzo flooring system meets Green-Star requirements. And by using recycled materials as aggregates, terrazzo flooring reduces the demand for new resources, minimising environmental impact. Furthermore, its long lifespan makes terrazzo a more sustainable flooring option, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
ausfloorworks terrazzo floors

Top Features of Terrazzo Floors

terrazzo floor installation

Installed in-situ (on-site)

custom terrazzo floors

Custom made

fast floor installation

Fast & efficient application

terrazzo design

Free form design

hygienic flooring


in situ terrazzo floors

Patched and repaired in-situ

terrazzo grout lines

No grout lines

terrazzo flooring features

No loss of trade

terrazzo floor features

No set down required

terrazzo floors resistant to damage

Resistant to damage

strong terrazzo floors

Strong and durable

colour terrazzo floors

Vivid, full colour spectrum

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Which Application Areas are Terrazzo Floors Suitable For?

hotel terrazzo floors


hotel terrazzo floors

Multipurpose High-Rises

museum terrazzo floors


residential terrazzo floors

Residential Properties

shopping centre terrazzo floors

Shopping Centres

Terrazzo Flooring Gallery

We have partnered with a range of clients across the industrial, commercial and residential sectors to deliver quality terrazzo floors. See the results of our recently completed terrazzo flooring projects here. To view more AusFloorworks projects, browse our Projects page.


I would like to highly recommend AusFloorworks. They have been nothing but professional since we first reached out about redoing the floors in our commercial property. And we are more than satisfied with the final result!

– Michael

We’re so happy with our new terrazzo floors. We chose AusFloorworks based on a recommendation from a colleague and so glad we did. Ami and his team have been a pleasure to work with and the floors speak for themselves.

– Susan

AusFloorworks supplied the terrazzo flooring on our new commercial project. They have been a great partner, working to our timelines and budget. We look forward to working together again.


Why Choose AusFloorworks?

With over 25 years in the flooring industry, we at AusFloorworks are passionate about delivering high quality, aesthetically beautiful concrete and resin flooring solutions for our clients. Based in Melbourne, our specialised team is dedicated to working closely with you to achieve your desired results, on-budget and on-time. Whether you are a builder with a tight deadline or a homeowner with a living space to plan, our expertise, professionalism and versatility means we can meet your specific vision and deliver a truly brilliant flooring solution.

Designed to withstand the test of time, our award-winning, durable and custom-made finishes showcase a superior quality of craftsmanship and commitment to sustainable, aesthetic design. Certified in Husqvarna Superfloor, Parchem HD-HDS systems and Nuplex Architectural Terrazzite applications, AusFloorworks is your end-to-end flooring partner. Contact us to speak with our friendly team and find the perfect flooring solution for your next project.

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