Epoxy Flooring combines polymer resins and hardeners to make a highly durable and functional floor. It is extremely resilient as it resists most chemicals, yet it still gives off a beautiful, seamless finish.


What are the advantages of Epoxy Resin flooring?

Epoxy Resin flooring systems are known for their incredible durability, making them the ideal solution for work environments that require safe and functional floors. It is a seamless and resilient floor, resisting a wide range of chemicals/oil/grease. Further than its durability, Epoxy is aesthetically pleasing and can serve a work environment well while greatly enhancing its appearance. These floors are also easy to clean, maintain, and keep hygienic. Epoxy Resin flooring systems can be planned and installed to match the specific needs of various work environments, making them safer and more functional all around.



Why choose to work with us

With over 23 years in the flooring industry, we have always been passionate about delivering excellent desired results for our customers. Based in Melbourne, our specialized staff makes your ideal floor their assured goal, walking you through each step, thoroughly and efficiently. Whether you are a builder with a tight deadline or a homeowner with a living space to plan, our versatility means that we can meet your specific vision with a confident, can-do attitude! At AusFloorworks we visualize a future where Green flooring solutions are used in more non-traditional settings, and we would love to work with you to achieve your goals.

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Here at AusFloorworks, we are committed to delivering the best Polished Concrete, Polished Concrete Skin, Epoxy, and In-situ Terrazzo flooring in Australia. We team up with new and returning customers to turn their flooring dreams into a reality, tailoring to every requirement. Our versatility, attention to detail and can-do attitude sets us apart, and we cannot wait to what we can create for you.

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