Epoxy Flakes Installation For An Office Space in Campbellfield

Project Specifications

  • Builder: Harris HMC

  • Architect: Max Architects

  • Location: Campbellfield

  • Flooring Type: Epoxy Flakes Flooring

  • Application Area: Commercial

  • Size: 685 sqm

  • Project Duration: 2 Months

  • Date of Completion: April 2023

  • Client Brief: The client was after a smooth seamless finish for their existing floors which had an uneven finish with cuts and trenches throughout.

  • Results: We offered various options to the builder, including grind & seal, self-leveling epoxy, roll coat epoxy, and an epoxy flakes system. The client considered these options and ultimately chose to move forward with the epoxy flakes system.

    The project’s main highlights include the remarkable transformation achieved by using top-notch epoxy and vibrant flakes, resulting in a captivating, multi-dimensional surface that seamlessly blends aesthetics with increased durability. This project was a testament to our precision and unwavering attention to detail, from the thorough surface preparation to the flawless application of the final epoxy coat, showcasing our dedication to delivering a smooth and long-lasting flooring solution. Furthermore, our client-centered approach ensured that the chosen epoxy flakes combination was custom-tailored to perfection, harmonizing perfectly with the unique design and purpose of the space. Beyond its visual appeal, this flooring solution offers practical advantages, such as resilience to heavy foot traffic and minimal maintenance requirements, making it a wise investment for commercial and office spaces.

Campbellfield Office Epoxy Flakes Flooring Gallery

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